The Brains Behind eTravos

At a humble office in Hyderabad, we have been building eTravos for past 2+ years. With years of hard work, effort and dedication, now it has become a rock-solid-and-almost-bug-free service! We had a soft launch of eTravos based services a few months back and the enthusiasm of our customers were simply awesome! More about this in some other post, some other day.

Lead by our founder & technology ninja (yes, he’s a techie with expertise in MS .Net) Bhargava Vangapally; here’s the brains that are working tirelessly behind the scene to make this intelligent & smart travel platform – eTravos – which aims to power the India’s largest B2B Cloud Travel Portal Provider.

Team eTravos

Team eTravos

Here’s a view of our small office – the place where eTravos is getting developed!

A view of our humble office

A view of our humble office

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Over there, we’ll see you soon…


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